About Us


Sihanoukville Real Estate Co., Ltd has established in 2014 with the profeesional realtors since 2007 till now. Especailly we've got a lot of experiences with world wide customers which have been investment with our company from Japan, U.S.A, Norway, China...etc..,  At this moment those investors are successfull with thier businesses investment in Sihanoukvlle, Cambodia.

Sihanoukville Real Estate Co., Ltd is main company that cover all of the other real estate agents which are existing in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and that is why we have got serveral customers investing with our company such as: real estate for commercial, residential, building development and  argricalture land. 

Sihanoukville Real Estate Co., Ltd provice of rental and buy HOME, HOUSE, LAND, APARTMENT, CONDO, BUSINESS, HOTEL, CASINO, WHAREHOUSE, FACTORY

Our services included:

  • Take care the customers to purchasing, rental all kind of real estate legally in Sihanoukville, Combodia.
  • Fix all the deal or negotiability between customers and owners (house owner or landlord)
  • Provide the property valuation
  • Provide the property consultancy
  • Provide the property manangement
  • Provide the property investment
  • Providing the discussion and advices in-house, land , business independently  successfully  and legally
  • Organizing the purchasing, rental all real estate paper work in legally
  • Assisting the clients to transfer the property owner ship following the cambodian law
  • Assisting the construction, designing and buidling permit
  • Running the company-registrated with commercial department
  • Running business license

Our real estate proffessional background

Sihanoukville Real Estate is a cooperation company that is created by Mr. Chea Lyhan and Mr. Bun Pheng.

- Whereas, the experiences of Mr. Chea Lyhan (Chairman of Director) since 2007 with successfully life in real estate business when he was a realor with real estate company in Sihanoukville.

He has seen the portentialy of real estate in Sihanoukville is grow up and there are planty of customers are looking for real estate accommation, commercial for their resident or investment. He decided to set up this company to serve customers all over the world with real estated needed in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

In the same time Mr. Bun Pheng (Director) is also participation and providing all his experiences with real estate because he used to work as a real estate agent with westerner real estate company since 2008 and he got alot of experiences with marketing advertisment and internet.

As you have seen our both experiences with our scuccessfully and hopfully the information in this part of the website will gives an idea of how Sihanoukville Real Estate Company conducts its business. We want you to feel confident that your investment is in good hands.
we wishes all customers a success with doing businesses.

Your faithfully
Chairman of Director

Lyhan Chea